Who We Are

JKAT Systems serves the needs of Residential Customers and Small Businesses alike.  


We began building and integrating I.T. systems for friends and family, out of basements and garages in the suburbs of Columbus.  We enjoyed being the nerds of our families and neighborhoods.  After replacing the stereotypical "nerd" attire (well mostly), we all moved into the corporate environment.

We may have began our careers as the “family nerd”, however we were able to cultivate our talents into corporate I.T. positions as our knowledge and skill sets developed.  Our experience and diverse backgrounds add to our overall talents because of the high level I.T. and consulting positions we hold today in the “business world”.

As we have forged ahead in our careers and home lives we have grown into the team we are today.  But, like everyone else, we wanted more.  We also wanted it for LESS.  We believe many solutions that companies bring to the table are preconceived based on a product that company needs to sell. We are simply trying to find solutions for YOU. 

Today, our project range encompasses a vast array of items, from virus removal/protection to deploying enterprise environment tape and SAN back up systems. 

Our commitment to finding solutions is the driving force behind what we do. Bringing together the talent and wisdom of people from all aspects of the I.T. world, we are a complete solutions team.

With our love of the game and our commitment to quality low-cost solutions, JKAT Systems was born.

We simply ask for the opportunity to show you what we can do!